Beverly Loan Company is an upscale collateral lender (pawn shop), specializing in large pawn loans against gold, jewelry, diamonds, watches, fine art and entertainment memorabilia.

Beverly Loan also sells jewelry and watches at “dealer prices” to the public from our discreet office building location. We have been coined by the media as the “Pawn Shop to the Stars,” as a result of our high-end clientele and our emphasis on safety and customer confidentiality.  Although we have been asked by many reporters, from People Magazine to CNN to the Today Show, to reveal names, we have never done so and we never will – your security and privacy is our number one concern.

Since 1938, Beverly Loan Company has been, and remains, the premier pawn shop in the United States.

“Beverly Loan Co. – a pawn shop the same way a Bugatti Veyron is a car.” – Los Angeles Times