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Beverly Loan Company was the first pawn shop in the United States to advertise pawn loans against upscale handbags, particularly Hermes Birkin bags, and has funded hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans against this growing asset class. We remain an active lender and purchaser of upscale purses, but we are admittedly very particular. With jewelry loans, we will loan on anything gold, but with upscale bags we have very specific criteria: if the bag is not Hermes, Chanel or a close equivalent and does not have a retail price of over $5,000, then unfortunately we cannot accept it. We also require that the handbag is in excellent condition and in most cases we require provenance, specifically a receipt from the retailer where it was purchased. Please contact us prior to coming in if you’re interested in selling or receiving a loan on your luxury handbags. We look forward to speaking with you.

Per California state law, we unfortunately can no longer lend against, purchase or sell crocodile and alligator skin handbags.

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