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Pawn Shops for the (Formerly) Rich
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By Robert Frank The rich have always faced periodic “liquidity shortfalls,” where they have plenty of assets but not enough cash. Yet apparently, those shortfalls are becoming more common in the bad economy. And the cash-poor rich are fueling a continued rise in high-end pawn shops. According to an article in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, […]

NBC's It's Worth What?
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Beverly Loan Company contributed fantastic items for appraisal on NBC’s hit TV show “It’s Worth What?” Alan Friedman Yellow Diamond Skull Pendant and Chain Designed by Alan Friedman, this 18-carat yellow gold skull and chain is 24″ long and has 920 natural fancy yellow diamonds totaling over nine carats. There are also 28 tapered baguettes […]

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As the premier pawnbroker in California’s prestigious 90210 zip code, Beverly Loan Company has been catering to the business needs of celebrities, influential executives, socialites and other Hollywood power players since 1938. The flourishing family-owned business is situated in the heart of Beverly Hills on the third floor of the Bank of American Building and […]

ANGELENO - Pawn, Baby, Pawn...
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p>via Angeleno by Amandy Gordon Want proof that the recession is finally affecting the rich too? The high-end Beverly Loan Company pawn shop is currently granting twice as many $50,000-and-up loans in exchange for luxury goods as it was just six months ago. “Never before have we seen so many white-collar customers in need of […]

NEWSWEEK - Where to find Ready Cash on Rodeo Drive
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via People Magazine Jean Zimmelman runs the Beverly Loan Co., an haute hock shop for celebs whose cash isn’t flowing. The pawn shop has valet parking. It boasts a Hockney, a Chagall, a Picasso-and an hourglass filled with diamonds. This is Beverly Hills, after all-the Beverly Loan Co., to be specific, the place many a […]

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The Beverly Loan Company caters to an exclusive clientele, who pawn everything from Rolexes to Picassos. How’s business? Our business as a whole is up at least 20%. Pawns – we prefer to call them collateral loans, when clients leave a piece of property – are way up. people need the money. Has the stature […]

AARP BULLETIN TODAY - Windows of Success: Why Are Some Businesses Booming in This Economy?
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via AARP Bulletin Today By: Caroline E. Mayer | Source: From the AARP Bulletin print edition | May 1, 2009 Pawnshops used to be the bank of last resort, says Jordan Tabach-Bank, head of the Beverly Loan Co. “Nowadays, we’re the bank of only resort. People come to us because—where else are they going to […]

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Like a winning contestant on a game show, Michelle Dayrit exclaimed with joy as a gold dealer told her what he’d pay for her old gold jewelry. “Oh my God! Are you serious? I can’t believe it! “I was hoping for $100,” said the San Francisco State University junior, whose necklace, watch and rings brought […]