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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Beverly Loan Now Accepts Birkin Bags as Collateral
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Beverly Loan Company is proud to make collateral loans against rare high-end handbags. While the world of luxury bags has been around for decades, the demand for valuable, quality handbags has reached an all-time high. Beverly Loan recognizes that handbags are not just purchased as a fashion accessory anymore, but as an investment piece, which […]

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When Beverly Loan Company was founded in 1938, it was the only pawn shop in Beverly Hills.   Today there are over 20 pawn operations in this city of less than 6 square miles. With so many options, how does a potential borrower know which pawn shop they can rely upon? Below are questions one might […]

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Beverly Loan Company, or “Pawnshop to the Stars”, is primarily known for making pawn loans to those who need it in the Southern California area – and they’ve been doing it for 76 years. But what most people don’t know is that Beverly Loan also has a thriving retail showroom for dealers in the industry […]