Artist Spotlight: Hockney

Artist Spotlight: Hockney
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Considered one of the most influential artists in the 20th century, David Hockney’s art of Los Angeles swimming pools and photo collages are highly coveted and sell for incredible prices at auction. Beverly Loan Company, who are LA natives in their own right, offer collateral based loans and outright purchases of David Hockney artwork.

Born in London, Hockney moved to LA in the 1960’s where he still resides today. Influenced by Picasso and Matisse, Hockney got his start at Bradford College of Art before his move to California. Drawn to the vibrant lifestyle and culture of Hollywood, the artist started his Swimming Pool series.

Created with acrylic paints in bold colors, these paintings are arguably what he is most known for. In 2006, his artwork titled The Splash, sold for 5.3 million dollars at Sotheby’s auction house. In 2009, his painting called Beverly Hills Housewife (sans swimming pool), was sold for 7.9 million at Christie’s auction house, a record for Hockney.

Hockney has worked in many different mediums, including printmaking, photo collages, set design, etchings and most currently, iPad’s and iPhones. In 2011, a showcase of these digital paintings made with an app were featured at the Royal Museum of Ontario.

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