The Best Rolex For You

The Best Rolex For You
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Whether you’re looking to purchase your first Rolex or your tenth, sometimes it can be hard to decide which model will work best for your lifestyle and needs. Beverly Loan Company not only makes pawn loans on luxury Rolex watches, but also buys and resells to the elite of Los Angeles. While almost everyone has heard of Rolex, far fewer are familiar with each model and their complications. Choosing a Rolex can be difficult for even the most seasoned of collectors. With variations on metal, bracelet style, bezel style, dial material and assorted complications you can have the pick of thousands of styles.

If you’re looking for your first watch, there are a few watches that can be considered “starter watches”. The most common Rolex Starter watches are the Air-King, Explorer, or the Oyster Perpetual DateJust. These watches are sold at a lower than average cost for Rolex, and have very basic complications that even a watch novice can understand. These watches have a simple movement and come in stainless steel, one of the most affordable metals on the market.

For those who are looking for a little more sophistication and diversity in their Rolex the  Submariner or Daytona would be more than suitable. There are many different models of these styles, including models in stainless steel, gold, or platinum. If you’re looking to buy a Rolex as an investment in addition to a stylish wristwatch, there is obviously more value in gold watches with more complications.

Beverly Loan Company has decades of experience with Rolex watches, and knows that the top of the market for Rolex are the Yachmaster II, Sky Dweller, or PearlMaster. The Masterpiece PearlMaster is especially strong – specifically the Tridor, which includes rose, yellow and white gold in the bracelet.

There are a few Rolex watches that are made specifically for those in professions where precision is vital to their business. The Explorer is made specifically for exploration and adventurers. In 1953 it was on Tenzing Norgay’s wrist as he completed the first successful accent to Everest with Edmud Hillary. The Rolex Submariner, called “The Diver’s Friend”, was created in the 1950’s where it went to a depth of 3,131.8 meters with scientist Auguste Piccard – and the watch has only improved since then. The GMT Master is a watch that was designed with Pan Am Airways for their pilots and crew for long flights. The GMT has a 24 hour forth hand, which allows the wearer to easily switch between time zones. While many Rolex’s are sold to various adventurers, divers and pilots, many times everyday people enjoy the look or style of a Rolex without the complicated mechanisms. Beverly Loan Company pawns, buys, and sells Rolex watches from all areas of the spectrum.

So which Rolex is best for you? Call Beverly Loan Company at 310-275-2555 or email  today to find the best deals on “starter” Rolex’s, popular styles, and limited-edition Rolex’s to add to the collection.


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