Beverly Loan Provides Collateral Loans In Time for the Holidays

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End-of-year and holiday expenses can provide challenges for small and medium sized businesses. From year-end bonuses to holiday employee parties and client gift-giving, this time of year can strain the budgets of the most fiscally responsible companies. Collateral loans can be a viable solution, and many turn to collateral lenders in the absence of traditional credit lines, like Beverly Loan Company.

“Small businesses face unique challenges in this economy. Traditional forms of credit may be saturated or unavailable, so the added expenses for providing holiday bonuses, as an example, can be difficult,” said Jordan Tabach-Bank, CEO of Beverly Loan Company.

Beverly Loan Company regularly deals with business owners who need to provide payroll, make a purchase of unexpected equipment or seize a business opportunity. Beverly Loan typically caters to affluent customers and business owners who leverage collateral loans against items like luxury watches, contemporary art or designer jewelry.

“We have loaned millions of dollars since the economic downturn in 2008, and in many instances our loans have provided an essential safety net for small businesses, especially during the holidays,” Tabach-Bank added. “As an example, our clients receive collateral loans against high-end watches like Rolex, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Tiffany & Co., Panerai and other luxury items.”

Beverly Loan Company is conveniently located in the Bank of America Building on Santa Monica Boulevard. Their clients’ privacy and security is of paramount importance, and the discreet location is protected by state of the art security measures. Most importantly, Beverly Loan never discloses any information about clients’ transactions.

A typical transaction at Beverly Loan Company is over three thousand dollars and, in some instances, can be over one hundred thousand dollars. “Our loans are very competitive, because we deal in a niche market and have a unique relationship with our clients.” says Tabach-Bank.

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