Beverly Loan Company and Beverly Hills - A History Lesson

Beverly Loan Company and Beverly Hills - A History Lesson
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The name Beverly Loan Company is eternally associated with Beverly Hills and its equally famous zip code. The area now known as Beverly Hills started when developers purchased a farm in hopes of finding oil on the land. When this failed these developers organized the Rodeo Land & Water Company and renamed the property “Beverly Hills”. They began selling some of the lots and the first houses began building in 1907. More purchasers began flocking to the area, mostly due to the newly constructed Beverly Hills Hotel, and in 1914 the subdivision was able to become an independent city.

Beverly Hills flourished in the 1920s with the arrival of movie stars, most notably Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. They purchased land, built a mansion and encouraged other celebrities to do the same. In the 1930’s, when the great depression hit, Beverly Hills was not immune. The Beverly Hills Hotel, for instance, closed down for two years. Still, the glamour and fascination of the famous city did not dampen. It was during this time that Louis Zimmelman and his brother Julius opened Beverly Loan Company.

Beverly Loan Company became established and respected in the community for offering clients a discreet and professional location to acquire quick cash based on their collateral. Through the next twenty years, Beverly Loan became the location where the wealthy and influential in California would come when quick cash was needed.

In the 1950’s, right around the time that the iconic Trousdale Estates were being built, Louis helped found the California Pawnbrokers Association (CAPA). An industry organization committed to maintaining the highest level of ethical conduct for pawnbrokers.

The family business throughout the years has been run by Louis & Julius Zimmelman, Jeannie Zimmelman, Helaine Zimmelman, and now Jordan Tabach-Bank, the grandson of Louis Zimmelman. Beverly Loan has been a staple of 90210 through all of its ups and downs…through war, scandal and prosperity, Beverly Hills and Beverly Loan Company remain faithfully linked.

Beverly Loan Company makes pawn loans on luxury, high-end, and rare collateral. Jewelry regularly seen in their private offices include Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston, Bvlgari, and Cartier. Highly complicated watches like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and IWC are also accepted daily at this Beverly Hills landmark. Academy Awards, iconic costumes and jewelry, and even MTV Moonmen have all been brought to Beverly Loan Company, and only solidifies the strong relationship between Beverly Loan, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and all of Southern California.

Jordan recently founded a second location, appropriately called New York Loan Company, in the famed Diamond District in New York City. To find out more information about either location, please contact us via telephone at 310.275.2555 or via email at

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