Beverly Loan Company Co-Sponsors Mayoral Candidate Wendy Greuel Fundraiser

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Jordan Tabach-Bank, Beverly Loan Company’s CEO, co-sponsored a fundraising event for City Controller and Mayoral Candidate Wendy Greuel on Tuesday November 27, 2012.  The event was a smashing success and Greuel was very appreciative to have Tabach-Bank, a board member of the California Pawnbrokers Association, in her corner.  

Tabach-Bank explained, “Wendy Greuel truly appreciates the complexities of being a small business owner and moreover she keenly understands the importance of the pawn industry in a city as vast and diverse as Los Angeles.  I am hopeful that she will be the next mayor of Los Angeles and my pawn shop is not even located in the City of Los Angeles.”

Prior to endorsing Greuel, Tabach-Bank met with her to discuss her priorities for the City and was duly impressed.  Tabach-Bank explained that Beverly Loan Company is an upscale collateral lender that has catered to Beverly Hills socialites, businesspeople and celebrities in Beverly Hills since 1938.  Beverly Loan Company makes non-recourse collateral loans against gold jewelry, diamonds, watches, fine art and entertainment and sports memorabilia.  

Shortly after his first meeting with Greuel, Tabach-Bank seized the opportunity to co-sponsor a pawn-oriented fundraiser. Over 50 pawnbrokers attended the event and raised 5-figures for her campaign.  Tabach-Bank said, “Events such as this cast away the negative stereotype and generate a bright future for the pawn industry throughout California.”

Greuel has been a proponent of small business as City Controller and Beverly Loan Company, 90210’s pawn shop to the stars, is confident that she will continue her support of these family owned businesses as Mayor.

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