Beverly Loan Company Provides Secure, Private, and Confidential Collateral Loans

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Beverly Loan Company, recognized as the most upscale pawnshop in the United States, prides itself on their strict security and customer confidentiality. Walking through the doors, you’ll immediately notice the armed security guard behind bullet proof glass. There are also private offices in the impressive renovated space, located in the Bank of American Building in Beverly Hills. With a police station two blocks away, a high security bank vault downstairs, and their own robust safety measures, there is no better place to secure your collateral loans.

Having been in business for over 75 years, Beverly Loan has developed a strong and loyal customer base, which is growing everyday.  “With the recent popularity of pawn related TV shows and internet pawn shops, we’ve had a surge of new clients seeking out more private and intimate ways to loan against their prized possessions,” said Jordan Tabach-Bank, owner and CEO of Beverly Loan Company.   “We value the safety of our clients and their collateral.”

Beverly Loan Company recognizes that customers are more comfortable in a private office face-to-face with their lender, rather than sending their jewelry and watches in the mail. “We offer that personal touch that is so rare these days,” Tabach-Bank explained. “When a customer is putting their valuables in our care, it’s important that they know who has it and where it’s being stored.”

It’s easy to see why Beverly Loan takes such strides to be the most secure and confidential when you take a look at their showcase and office area. Works of art by Warhol, Picasso and Chagall line the walls, and the impressive showcase features Cartier, Harry Winston and Bulgari jewelry.

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