Beverly Loan Now Accepts Birkin Bags as Collateral

Beverly Loan Now Accepts Birkin Bags as Collateral
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Beverly Loan Company is proud to make collateral loans against rare high-end handbags. While the world of luxury bags has been around for decades, the demand for valuable, quality handbags has reached an all-time high. Beverly Loan recognizes that handbags are not just purchased as a fashion accessory anymore, but as an investment piece, which is why they regularly loan against these collectibles.

“We are excited to advertise our expertise with luxury brand handbags,” said Jordan Tabach-Bank, owner and CEO of Beverly Loan Company, known as ‘Pawnshop to the Stars’. “We’ve been working with high-end purses for years, and we want both our current clients and new clients to be aware that they can bring in their prized Hermes, Chanel or Celine bags for a collateral loan.”

In the world of handbags, there are hundreds of quality designers and manufacturers, but only a handful that are regarded as the elite brands. That said, Hermès Birkin bags and Kelly bags are without question the most sought after luxury handbags on the market. These bags are extremely limited and have a strong primary market and an equally strong secondary market. Not only are they desirable for their brand name, but also for the impeccable craftsmanship and durability. They are created of only the finest skins, whether leather, crocodile or ostrich, and hardware, whether palladium or gold (even with diamonds).

Birkin Bags were first designed for Jane Birkin who mentioned not being able to find a leather weekend bag that she liked. The bag is handmade in France by artisans who use Hermès’ signature saddle stitching, which was developed in the 1800’s. Since its inception in the 1980’s, the Birkin bag has become synonymous with the rich and famous.

Because the handbag market is so vast, Beverly Loan Company, and its east coast counterpart, New York Loan Company, are very particular about the type of handbags they’ll be willing to purchase or make pawn loans against. They only accept rare, luxury bags that carry a retail price of $5,000 or higher. Handbags must be in excellent condition and be accompanied by provenance or proof of purchase, usually in the form of receipt from the original retailer.

To find out more about Beverly Loan Company or to inquire about a pawn loan or purchase of high-end handbags, please call (310) 275-2555 or use the contact form.

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