Why Should You Buy Signed Jewelry?

Why Should You Buy Signed Jewelry?
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p>When you are shopping for fine jewelry, there are many things to look for to ensure you are getting your money’s worth, and one of the most important indicators of quality can be the maker’s signature.  Iconic brands including Cartier, Tiffany & Co, Chopard, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Bulgari are prime examples of this: when you see a piece stamped with one of their hallmarks, it is immediately recognizable.  Aside from brand recognition, what are some other reasons to purchase signed jewelry?


To verify the identity.  The first thing the certified gemologists at Beverly Loan Company will do when a potential client brings in jewelry to sell or loan against is to look for a hallmark and make sure that the jewelry is authentic and not a reproduction.  There are many questions they may ask themselves to find this out: is the gold of the correct karat for that particular company and are the diamonds and color stones the appropriate quality one would expect from a signed piece of jewelry?  Also, does the signature match the era that this piece was supposedly created?  Many aspects of verification go into identifying luxury jewelry, and the signature on the jewelry itself is a very reliable way to make sure it is truly what it claims to be.


To signify the care put into creating the piece.  Signed jewelry is just that; it has the signature of the maker which says, “I stand by this work, and put my name on it”.  There is a standard of craftsmanship in luxury brands, from the iconic yet common Cartier “Love Bracelet” all the way to a one-of-a-kind custom designed David Webb piece. When you buy signed jewelry, you are buying the level of quality that is associated with that brand.


“Our staff has years of training and experience in the appraisal of fine jewelry, including the ability to recognize signed goods.” says Jordan Tabach-Bank, CEO of the upscale pawn shop Beverly Loan Company.  “Whether you are bringing in a signed item for a collateral loan, or looking to purchase jewelry from our showroom, a signed piece helps to ensure that the value will remain as time passes.”


Owning signed jewelry has many advantages, but what is most important is the satisfaction of knowing that you own a carefully created work of art made to last.

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