Buying a Signed Luxury Watch

Buying a Signed Luxury Watch
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When you are in the market to buy a luxury watch, one of the most important indicators of quality is the maker’s signature. High-end brands like Patek Philippe, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, IWC, and Hublot all use signatures on their watches. A signature is a stamp often found both on the dial of the watch and on certain parts of the inner movement that indicates the brand. Just like artists sign their paintings, for centuries watchmakers have signed their watches. Why is buying a signed watch preferable?

1. Craftsmanship. A signed watch indicates the care that the watchmaker has put into the piece. Brands like Rolex, for example, are known for their dedication to the art of watchmaking, and create timepieces that are literally designed to last lifetimes. When a piece is signed with the Rolex name, you can expect a level of excellence in the craftsmanship that is associated with that brand. It is a calling card that travels with the watch, letting you and everyone that sees it know that you are wearing a work of exceptional quality.

2. Authenticity. Although the signatures on watches are often faked, watch experts are able to authenticate those that are genuine through a number of factors including movements and serial numbers. Collateral lenders like Beverly Loan have gemologists and watch experts that examine each piece that enters their upscale pawn shop to ensure that what is seen on the outside is exactly what they are selling, purchasing or loaning against.

3. Identification. Companies change their signatures over time as new watchmakers and designers come and go. Something as subtle as changing the B in Bulgari from a capital to a lower-case letter can help identify the year that a piece was made. As these vintage luxury watches come to Beverly Loan, their experts examine each piece to ensure that the signature on the watch matches the signature of the time period in which the watch was created.

Luxury watch companies put extraordinary care and dedication into creating each timepiece and it shows in their quality and durability. Consider buying a signed watch not only because of its reputation and value, but for the security in knowing that you have the maker’s stamp of approval. And this stamp of approval will guaranty more money in your pocket should you ever choose to sell your timepiece or obtain a collateral loan against it.

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