Cactus de Cartier

Cactus de Cartier
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Prickly? Dry? Not at all! Cartier takes the cactus to a spectacular and fantastical level with its new Cactus de Cartier collection. Throughout its history, the high jewelry house has used flowers in daring, colorful and original ways to inspire its creations. Drawing on the variety of shapes and colors in the flora and fauna of the natural world, Cartier has produced otherworldly, yet realistic interpretations through its various jewelry collections, and Cactus de Cartier is no exception.

Cartier Cactus Collection Jewelry

Celebrating the symbolic beauty and confidence of an untouchable and captivating woman, the cactus idealizations in gold, diamonds and gemstones make conversation starters and sparkling accessories to complement any attire. From necklaces, to bracelets, to rings and earrings, each design is architectural and graceful, using emeralds, lapis lazuli, carnelian and chrysoprase. Despite a few archival sketches, the cactus plant is one species not previously tackled by Cartier’s designers. Now their designs are in full bloom, and as with any Cartier jewelry, it is much coveted on both the primary and secondary markets.

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Cactus de Cartier
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Cactus de Cartier
Prickly? Dry? Not at all! <a href="">Cartier</a> takes the cactus to a spectacular and fantastical level with its new Cactus de Cartier collectio
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