The History of Cartier Watches

The History of Cartier Watches
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Cartier has a long and detailed history spanning over a century and is one of the more common brands seen at Beverly Loan Company, a luxury pawn shop located in Beverly Hills. Cartier started as a prestigious jeweler and expanded to high-end watches shortly thereafter. The company has celebrated many horological milestones:

Cartier invented the first wristwatch. For ages watches were kept in the pocket of gentleman or on a piece of jewelry for women. Louis Cartier designed a leather strap to be worn on the wrist with the head of a watch, which would later become the model known as the Santos. The wristwatch was designed for Aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, a friend of Cartier.

Known for their popular “Panther” jewelry, Cartier first used the motif on a ladies wristwatch in 1914. The pattern was on the bezel of the watch and created with platinum, rose-cut diamonds and onyx. The style was later used in a watch pendant and the panther quickly became iconic for the company.

The Tank Francaise watch was introduced during the First World War. One of Cartier’s most famous collections, the Tank watch was originally inspired by tanks used in the war, and started a trend of tough but beautiful watches. The collection is still in production today, and is just as popular.

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