Buying Diamond and Fashion Jewelry

Buying Diamond and Fashion Jewelry
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When most people buy a piece of diamond jewelry, they look for the best deal, or the lowest price; however many overlook quality and condition of their pieces, and discover years later that their jewelry does not have the value that they expected. For an item to hold its value, it has to have to meet very high standards, and it is important that buyers understand what qualities to look for in jewelry so the important pieces they own do not depreciate. While not many people plan to pawn to sell their jewelry, Beverly Loan and their clients know that sometimes it’s the best course of action, and having quality goods greatly increase the amount allowed to borrow. “Clients are sometimes not aware of what they do or do not have,” Said Jordan Tabach-Bank, owner and CEO to both Beverly Loan Company and New York Loan Company. “Our staff has been asked repeatedly what to look for when buying jewelry, as to not be duped again.”

In order for a piece of jewelry to hold its value, it has to have these things: Quality diamonds and/or gemstones, excellent craftsmanship, and if possible, a signature.

Quality Diamonds. In many pieces of diamond jewelry, melee (diamonds smaller than .18 carats) are used. Because these diamonds are so small, sometimes jewelers will use stones with low clarity and color. If you have a piece of fashion jewelry that uses quality melee, the value will stay with the item. In addition to the properties of the diamonds, also be aware of the shapes. Round, square, asscher, emerald and cushion cuts are considerably more valuable than marquis, baguette or pear shapes. And of course, any jewelry with certification from GIA or another gemological lab, will have a much higher value than those without.

Excellent Craftsmanship. It’s easy to get distracted by the sparkle and beauty of jewelry, but by checking out the back and underside of jewelry, you can easily determine if the piece has a high quality of craftsmanship. By looking at the clasp, the settings of the stones, checking for weak points and the condition of the metal; even the untrained eye can spot flaws and spotty work. Good jewelers will have excellent finish and polish on the back of their pieces.

Signature. Companies such as Tiffany & Co, Cartier, and Harry Winston are household names that even those with no jewelry knowledge are aware of. While some may find their jewelry too expensive, there is a reason that so many consumers purchase their items. Not only for the reasons mentioned above (quality and craftsmanship), but they also hold their value very well. When clients come to Beverly Loan Company to pawn Bvlgari earrings, they are able to offer more money, because the quality from that jewelry house is understood. Not only do signed pieces have a strong secondary market, but dealers and consumers alike are willing to pay more.

While Beverly Loan Company has many more standards for the jewelry that they loan against or buy, these three factors are great for the average jewelry consumer to look for while shopping.

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