Pawning Entertainment and Sport Awards

Pawning Entertainment and Sport Awards
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Beverly Loan Company, commonly referred to as the Pawnshop to the Stars, is the longest standing pawnshop in Beverly Hills, specializing in pawn loans against gold, diamonds, jewelry and fine watches.  This collateral lending institution has also made thousands of pawn loans on exceptional pieces of memorabilia in the past 75 years. While the majority of these items are one-of-a-kind, there are certain familiar items that Beverly Loan sees again and again. Entertainment or sports awards are the type of impressively unique items that are easy to pawn and maintain their value.

The most typical awards that are brought in for pawn include Olympic medals, Emmy awards, World Series trophies, Tony awards, MTV movie awards, Grammys, boxing belts, and championship rings, especially Super Bowl rings.

While there are some rules and regulations that prevent purchasing or loaning against specific items in the entertainment industry – specifically from the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences – there are still countless pieces of memorabilia that Beverly Loan Company can make a pawn loan against.

In determining value of these items, it always comes down to the winner of the award, the category, and the timeframe the award was given. For instance, the MTV video music award for Best Female Video given to Taylor Swift in 2009 – the one in which she was famously interrupted by Kanye West – would obviously sell for more money than an award for Best Choreography in 1990. Or an Olympic medal is clearly more valuable it’s a first place gold medal for a popular sport and awarded to a popular athlete. These factors greatly effect the value of memorabilia, whether entertainment or sports awards.

Oscars are easily the most recognizable entertainment awards that can garner the most money – but pawning or selling an Oscar is very difficult if not impossible. In the 1950s the academy introduced a contract that is signed by all award winners, which states that winners or their heirs must sell back the award to the Academy for $1 if they wish to sell. This has caused controversy in the entertainment industry, and it’s a disappointment to many award winners they’re not able to lavleverage their important pieces of Hollywood’s history.

Trophies in the sports world come in many different forms – championship belts, championship rings and actual trophies are all items that Beverly Loan Company has loaned against or purchased outright.   Again, rarity is usually the main factor in determining value sports memorabilia – and these items can sell for a lot of money. The 1926 Heavyweight World Championship Belt won by legendary boxer Jack Dempsey sold in 2005 for $44,800. One of the most famous names in boxing, Muhammad Ali, always commands big prices at auction. His 1978 personal “Three Times World Champion” ring sold for $59,000 in 2011.

Memorabilia items are always treasured due to personal value and historical interest. Beverly Loan Company only loans on rare, one-of-a-kind items with solid provenance. To inquire about a loan, call 310-275-2555 or email

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