What Are Fancy Colored Diamonds and Why Should I Buy One?

What Are Fancy Colored Diamonds and Why Should I Buy One?
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p>At Beverly Loan Company, we make pawn loans against all types of diamonds and colored stones, some of our most beautiful and treasured pieces are fancy colored diamonds. Not only are colored diamonds more popular than ever, but they are so rare in nature that they have even been dubbed “Miracle Diamonds”.

Fancy colored diamonds are created much the same way as colorless diamonds, but with a minor defect in the growth process that alters the color, hopefully for the best. The difference in these stones has to do with different elements that it might encounter while still being formed. For instance fancy yellow and orange diamonds get their color from trace amounts of nitrogen, and green diamonds get their signature forest green color from irradiation deep in the ground.

Pink, and red diamonds are undoubtedly the most popular and expensive fancy colored diamonds. The vast majority of these stones come from the Argyle Mine in Australia, in fact this is the only mine that consistently produces quality red and pink diamonds. Pink diamonds get their color from intense heat that triggers a change in the crystal lattice, and alters the way in which light is refracted and reflected throughout the stone. Pink and red diamonds are so rare that the Argyle Mine only produces about a handful of sellable pink diamonds each year.

Blue Diamonds get their color from trace amounts of Boron that bond with carbon atoms. The only notable mine for blue diamonds is the Cullen Mine in South Africa, and fancy blue diamonds are so rare that they only make up .01% of the world’s diamonds. Some of the most famous and expensive diamonds are blue, from the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond to the most legendary diamond in the world, The Hope Diamond, which is on display on the Smithsonian.

People often think that yellow diamonds are not as valuable as colorless diamonds; however, the more deep and vivid a color becomes, the more rare and valuable it is. Fancy yellow diamonds are becoming increasingly popular, and the most vivid of yellow diamonds are being called “Canary Diamonds”.

Beverly Loan Company, the “pawn shop to the stars,” has the distinction of having made loans against yellow, pink and even blue diamonds. 

“Extreme rarity, high demand, and a small supply make fancy colored diamonds some of the most sought after pieces that we have in our showroom,”   explains Jordan Tabach-Bank, owner and CEO of both Beverly Loan Company and its sister store New York Loan Company.  “We enjoy nothing more than seeing unique, rare, and beautiful fancy diamonds come through our doors, and we can lend a premium against these rare goods.”

Owning a fancy diamond is not only a beautiful fashion statement, but a great investment as well.

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