Final Offer: Jordan Weighs In On Marilyn Monroe Dress

Final Offer: Jordan Weighs In On Marilyn Monroe Dress
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A woman this week brought in a flower dress worn by Marilyn Monroe. Monroe wore the dress during the filming of Something’s Gotta Give in May 1962. Monroe died three months later, and the film was never completed.

She waited to visit Jordan last, after rejecting the other dealers’ offers, knowing that Jordan regularly buys and sells Hollywood memorabilia. She asked Jordan for a sky-high $1 million.  He tried to reason with her. “This is not a million dollar dress – trust me,” he said. He walked her through the danger of setting an asking price that was too high. If someone sets an asking price that is too high, the item “burns” through the market, meaning people see it circulate but there is no sale so people lose interest and the item loses value. “Don’t let it burn,” Jordan said. “It’s the biggest mistake you can make.” She seemed to see the point, but refused to go any lower than $800,000.  She told Jordan she had already turned down $500,000 from one of the other dealers. “Then you made a mistake,” Jordan said. She ended up going home without a deal. “I think she’s going to have a tough time with this dress,” Jordan said.

Jordan still cinched a deal during the show though. He had a great negotiation with two women on an American icon, the original Energizer bunny.  The two women initially asked for $28,000, but Jordan was able to negotiate the price down to $20,000. Jordan and the women had a great rapport. “It makes it tougher when the people on the other side of the table are so sweet,” Jordan said at one point during negotiations. One of the sellers called it a “perfect negotiation.”

Jordan said he would likely sell the bunny at auction, though it would be nice to take it home first. After all, it’s not every day you have chance to have a 20th century icon in your house.

Other items sold during the show included two Ansel Adams prints for a total $6,500, and a Tiffany lamp for $7,000, half of the asking price.

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