What Does 18k Mean? Beverly Loan Explains Gold Content in Jewelry

What Does 18k Mean? Beverly Loan Explains Gold Content in Jewelry
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The loan officers at Beverly Loan Company, the famous luxury pawnshop in Beverly Hills, are often asked about the gold content of their jewelry. While many people are familiar with the concept of 10k, 14k, 18k, and 22k gold, they might lack the knowledge of what these stamps mean for the jewelry they wear. Beverly Loan has the expertise to determine the value of the gold & platinum in modern, vintage, antique and estate jewelry as well as gold coins, bullion, and watches.

Due to the softness of the metal, all gold used in jewelry is mixed with other alloys to make the pieces wearable. The stamps 10k – 22k are used to determine and announce to the purchaser how much gold is actually used for that particular piece. Below is a breakdown of gold content in jewelry:

10k- 41.7%

14k- 58.3%

18k- 75%

22k- 91.7%

This is why jewelry is often stamped with 585 for 14k gold or 750 for 18k gold.  Having a ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings with less gold content, such as 14k or 10k, is not necessarily a bad thing – these metals are usually stronger and more durable than jewelry with a larger amount of gold. In fact, 22k is just about the highest amount of gold you can have in jewelry due to the softness.

Beverly Loan Company uses gold testing equipment and acids to determine the karatage of gold, and to determine if the jewelry is plated or not. “We test every piece of gold that walks through our doors, whether the item is an Everose Rolex or vintage diamond Cartier necklace”, said Jordan Tabach-Bank, owner of Beverly Loan Company. “It is important to determine both the authenticity of the gold, and the total amount of gold in each piece of jewelry prior to making a purchase or a pawn loan.”

In addition to different karatages, gold can also have perceptive changes in color. Yellow, white, & rose gold are made by adding or subtracting different metal alloys. White gold uses lighter alloys and is then coated with rhodium to give white shine, while rose gold is mixed with a strong amount of copper. You can also have white gold coated with black rhodium to give the metal a bold, shiny black color.

Loan officers at Beverly Loan are on hand 6 days a week to loan or purchase your gold or platinum jewelry, watches, coins or bullion. The high-end pawnshop also sells jewelry to the public at wholesale prices in their showroom in Beverly Hills.

If you have an inquiry about your gold, please contact Beverly Loan Company via telephone at 310-275-2555 or via email at info@beverlyloan.com.

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