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eHOW - How to Sell Jewelry in Los Angeles, California

eHOW - How to Sell Jewelry in Los Angeles, California
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By Sylvia Cochran, eHow Contributor Instructions

Things You’ll Need:
Jewelry to sell

1. Visit the website for the Bay Area Jewelry Buyers. If you have gold or platinum jewelry, diamonds, a high-end watch or designer jewelry, this jewelry buying business is prepared to make you a quick cash offer. Simply call or email the store and set up an appointment to bring in the items.

2. Check out the website for the Los Angeles Jewelry District. Encompassing the 5th through 8th Street blocks of Olive, Hill and Broadway, the jewelers in the business of buying, selling, and fitting jewelry are plentiful. You may be able to locate some who will take a look at your particular pieces and even engage in a small time bidding war against one another.

3. Visit the Jewelry Exchange at 4217 South Broadway in Los Angeles. A diamond importer by trade, the Jewelry Exchange will gladly look at your extraordinary diamond jewelry and consider buying it.

4. Head to the Beverly Loan Company at 9440 Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills. An expensive pawnshop, this is a good place to keep in mind if you are going to sell costly jewelry in larger quantities. This is also a good venue for estate or antique jewelry items, even if you are not quite certain what the worth might be.

5. Make an appointment with the proprietors of “One of a Kind Jewels” if you have estate or antique jewelry. Located at 731 North La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles, this establishment specializes in the unique and always welcomes the seller of single pieces as well as larger collections.

6. Sell your jewelry at an auction. Bonhams & Butterfields operates an auction house at 7601 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. This operation caters to the high-end jewelry seller who own collections, antiques, or unique pieces of jewelry crafted from precious metals or stones. You can sell your valuables on consignment and get paid once the pieces are sold.

Tips & Warnings

  • Stores and buyers that offer quick cash usually pay you less than what the jewelry is actually worth.
  • Consignment sales may net you more money, but it may take a bit of time until your jewelry is sold. This is a good solution for those who do not need the cash immediately.


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