Jewelry History – Bracelets and Bangles

Jewelry History – Bracelets and Bangles
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Bracelets and bangles have been popular as long as humans have been decorating themselves. Beverly Loan Company, a pawnshop in the heart of famous Beverly Hills, offers collateral loans on luxury jewelry including many variations of the bracelet. The family run company consistently works with items like Cartier love bracelets, diamond tennis bracelet’s and vintage art deco diamond panel bracelets.

Early bracelets are thought to have been made out of grass, wood and sells, but after the Bronze Age, gold and silver bracelets became popular. Egyptians wore embellished jewelry made with semiprecious stones that were buried with the owner. Greek and Roman men wore wide cuffs for protection as part of their uniform, while the women wore decorative serpent bangles.

The style of bracelets can differ greatly from each country to the next. Indian bangles for instance are usually bright gold with stunning gemstones and intricate details, while China prefers beautiful carved jade bangles. Beverly Loan Company has seen all of these types of bracelets and more, plus diamond bracelets from the most luxurious jewelry houses in the world. Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Graff & DeBeers create stunning, unique pieces that command exceptional prices and six figure loans.

To discuss or inquire about a collateral loan with the country’s top high-end pawn shop, please call 310-275-2555 or stop by their office located in the Bank of America building at 9440 Santa Monica Blvd in Beverly Hills.

Jewelry History - Bracelets and Bangles
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Jewelry History – Bracelets and Bangles
Bracelets and bangles are some of the most popular variants of jewelry. Beverly Loan Company offers collateral loans on many variations of the bracelet.

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