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Memorabilia & Jewelry – Beverly Loan Company
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Beverly Loan Company, or the “Pawnshop to the Stars” as it has been nicknamed by the media, has seen many different kinds of memorabilia come through its doors in the past 75 years, but some pieces are more valuable and exciting than others. Game-worn signed jerseys and bats, World Series trophies, and Olympic medals are good examples of pieces regularly seen in the renowned Beverly Hills pawnshop. Championship rings however, both vintage and modern, are easily some of the most interesting memorabilia that Beverly Loan makes pawn loans against.

The most valuable championship rings are from the NBA, MLB, and the NFL. These rings are almost always made by either L.G. Balfour or Jostens, who are two companies that produce rings ranging from professional sports teams to high school graduates. Tiffany & Co. is another jewelry manufacturer that has been working with the NFL recently to create impressive Super Bowl rings. Championship rings are commonly presented to players in a customized box. Possessing this box with the ring will greatly improve the valueof the memorabilia.

When making a loan on a championship ring, there are many different factors to consider. Who was the ring given to? What is the significance of this team and player? What are the quality of the stones in the ring and what’s the karatage of the gold? Who would want to purchase this ring?

Who was the ring given to? Many times rings are given not only to the players and coaches, but also general staff, trainers, personnel and executives for the team. Occasionally rings will go to former players or to fans as part of a charity. A lot of times owners of a ring will give them as gifts to family or friends.

What is the significance of this team and player? The more significant the player or the circumstances of the game played the more value the ring becomes. A championship ring from the Super Bowl or World Series will have much more value than a league or conference championship ring. Additionally if the player or game has set records or has been highly publicized the ring will hold much more significance.

What is it made out of? The majority of rings are cast in either white or yellow gold, but some older pieces may be plated or gold filled. A lot of times rings will have colored stones or resin that match the team colors. These can include sapphires, emeralds, rubies and many other types of semi-precious stones. Diamonds of course, are almost always present.

Who would want to purchase this ring? Sports fans all over the world would love to own a championship ring. Many collectors of sports memorabilia would consider buying a ring from their favorite team or player a huge find. In the past, championship rings have gone to auction and sold for incredible amounts of money.

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