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National Enquirer - Celebs make dash for the cash at H'wood's hidden pawn shop

National Enquirer - Celebs make dash for the cash at H'wood's hidden pawn shop
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by Patricia Towle

An actor tried to pawn his Oscar… a princess traded her crown jewels for quick money… an aging starlet needed a loan for plastic surgery.

And they all stopped in at the swank Beverly Loan Company – the creme-de-la-creme of pawn shops discreetly tucked away on the third floor of an elite office building in Beverly Hills.

It’s the place where royalty and movie stars alike go when they need money quick, no questions asked.

“Even the very wealthy occasionally find themselves short of cash,” says Jean Zimmelman who – along with her sister Helaine – runs the 60-year-old family business.

“And they know when they deal with us they can pawn the treasures in complete confidence,” she told the Enquirer.

It’s not your typical pawn shop. The merchandise they deal with on a typical day may include a Rolls-Royce, a diamond and platinum encrusted tiara, a Picasso artwork and a selection of Rolex watches.

“We used to have a Saudi princess who showed up toward the end of each month – to take out a loan against her diamonds,” said Zimmelman. “She needed money to tide her over until her father’s $10,00 allowance check arrived.

“We’ve had women pawn their jewelry to pay for their divorce lawyer.

“Years ago a well-known actor down on his luck tried to pawn his Oscar. But the Oscar is the property of the Academy – not the individual who receives it. We couldn’t accept it.”

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