Birkin Bags: The World’s Most Expensive & Exclusive
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Since the creation of the Birkin Bag in 1984 it has become a status symbol and coveted possession to the lucky owners who’ve managed to purchase one. The famous Hermès bag is constantly seen on the streets of Beverly Hills where Beverly Loan Company, coined Pawnshop to the Stars, has been located for over 78 […]

Skateboard Decks and Famous Artists
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Beverly Loan Company, the luxury lender of Beverly Hills, offers pawn loans on contemporary and modern art – including skateboard decks by the world’s best artists. Fine art decks are starting to command unbelievable prices. Artists like Banksy, Damien Hirst, Shepard Fairey and Takashi Murakami all have limited edition skateboard decks that have sold for […]

Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany & Co.
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In the world of jewelry design there are few people who are as admired or their jewels so coveted as Jean Schlumberger. Even those who have never heard the name Schlumberger would recognize his signature style on his Tiffany & Co. collection. The loan officers at Beverly Loan Company, known as ‘Pawnshop to the Stars’, […]

Wild Beasts: The History of Fauvism
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Turn of the century Paris was an incredible environment to be a burgeoning, experimental, contemporary artist. The traditional style of studied, realistic history painting had been rebelliously shattered by the Impressionists shifting, light-filled, plein-air compositions. Continuing this philosophy of pictorial representation, a group of artists began to employ dynamic, bold colors to describe light and […]

Little Known Rolex Facts
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On a daily basis, Rolex watches are brought into Beverly Loan Company, a luxury pawn shop in the heart of Beverly Hills. As the largest single luxury watch brand in the world, it is admired by its fans for impeccable craftsmanship and quality movements. The company has made a name for itself by setting high […]

Artist Spotlight: Francis Bacon
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One of the most important artists of our time, Francis Bacon, is known for his surrealistic and distinctive figurative art. Beverly Loan Company, coined “pawnshop to the stars” by the media, offers loans based on high-end collateral, including art by Francis Bacon. The now deceased painter held the record for a short period of time […]

A Birkin Bag in the Box Is Worth a Lifetime of Debt
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After she lost her job, Angela Rivers found herself in need of some quick cash. Instead of heading to her bank, she delved into her Brooklyn closet. An avid shoe and handbag collector, she took out her cherished chocolate brown Birkin and went across the river to Manhattan, where she had an appointment in the […]

Fashion Trends: Choker Necklaces
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Choker necklaces are a trend that cuts across many cultures and class lines. Centuries before chokers were donned by the celebrities and fashionistas of today, women in ancient civilizations wore them to protect the neck, a very important and vulnerable part of the body. Women from the Sumer Empire in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, for […]

The History of Cartier Watches
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Cartier has a long and detailed history spanning over a century and is one of the more common brands seen at Beverly Loan Company, a luxury pawn shop located in Beverly Hills. Cartier started as a prestigious jeweler and expanded to high-end watches shortly thereafter. The company has celebrated many horological milestones: Cartier invented the […]

Academy Rules Can’t Stop Pawn Shop Oscar Sales
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On the third floor of a nondescript Beverly Hills office building, past an armed security guard and beyond a glass case full of diamond jewelry, is a gleaming Academy Award. But this trophy wasn’t awarded to any of the staff, or to anyone related to them. This Oscar was pawned. Beverly Loan Co., “the pawnshop […]