The Best Pawn Shop in Southern California

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When Beverly Loan Company was founded in 1938, it was the only pawn shop in Beverly Hills.   Today there are over 20 pawn operations in this city of less than 6 square miles. With so many options, how does a potential borrower know which pawn shop they can rely upon? Below are questions one might ask when seeking out a trustworthy collateral lender.

Do they value my privacy?Many of the pawnbrokers in Beverly Hills and in Los Angeles advertise themselves as discreet operations, and do in fact value confidentiality. That said, most of these collateral lenders do not have the anonymity of being located on the upper floors of an office building, and are located on the street, including Gem & Loan of Beverly Hills, Premier Jewelry Lenders, Exclusive Loan, and Valencia Loan Company. Others have cameras within their offices for the production of reality shows, as is the case with the Dina Collection, which has a show entitled Beverly Hills Pawn on the Reelz Network. These stores are long time fixtures in the neighborhood and have proven to be reliable locations; however they lack the discretion that a private office above the street offers.

Can they be trusted? Consumers tend to trust multi-generational family owned businesses and for good reason. Some of the pawn shops in Beverly Hills are long-term family businesses and others are more corporate operations. For example, Beverly Hills of Bond Street’s owner has family in the pawn industry in London, but Maxferd Jewelry and Loan, formerly Collateral Lender, is more of a commercial business with pawn shops throughout California. Beverly Loan Company was founded by Louis Zimmelman over 75 years ago and is currently owned and operated by his grandson, Jordan Tabach-Bank. Beverly Loan Company has a legacy to live up to and values both the safety of the consumer and the security of the collateral, storing all jewelry in bank vaults.

Is it worth the drive? Southern California is notorious for traffic, and customers may be hesitant to make their way to Beverly Hills. Tabach-Bank said, “Our clients drive in from hours away, because we provide the finest and most confidential pawn loans in the country, loaning against asset classes beyond jewelry and watches, including artwork, fine wine and one-of-a-kind memorabilia.” While many great pawn shops exist in Southern California, particularly Los Angeles, including, Elliot Salter Pawn Shop, Zak’s Pawn Shop, Trader’s Loan and Jewlery, or Yev’s Jewelry and Loan, they might not specialize in those items that are unique to Beverly Hills.

How do I know I’m getting a fair deal? Beverly Loan Company only hires Graduate Gemologists from the Gemological Institute of America, which ensures that their staff has been formally educated in identifying, grading and valuing diamonds and gemstones. Other pawnshops certainly have GIA graduates on staff, including Kings Jewelry and Loan and Mr. Steve’s Pawn Shop; however Beverly Loan can guarantee that a GIA trained loan officer will assess all jewelry. This process allows the borrower to be confident they are receiving a fair deal, whether they are selling, loaning or buying.

Can I simply get an Internet Loan? Pawn shops throughout Los Angeles deal with hundreds of customers a day. They look them in the eye and shake their hands. Beverly Loan Company has remained successful since the 1930s because of their transparency and unmatched customer service.  There are absolutely no hidden fees and they treat customers with respect, working with them face-to-face to ensure that collateral is redeemed. A new breed of online pawnshops has recently emerged, including and The concept is unproven, but one thing is for sure, face-to-face customer service is not an option with this model.  

It is imperative that you do your research before visiting a pawn shop to make sure that the process is dignified and that the offers are fair. Beverly Loan Company is always ready, willing and able to answer questions or address concerns. Please call at 310-275-2555, email at, or visit the Bank of America Building at 9440 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 301.


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