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Pawn Shop to the Stars, Beverly Loan Company, Sponsors Jamie Gold in WSOP

Pawn Shop to the Stars, Beverly Loan Company, Sponsors Jamie Gold in WSOP
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Beverly Loan Company, the foremost collateral lender in Beverly Hills, is sponsoring Jamie Gold, the renowned 2006 World Series of Poker $10,000 No Limit Hold’em Champion, who defeated a field of 8,772 players and took home a record breaking $12 Million. ?

Gold is a close personal friend of Jordan Tabach-Bank, Beverly Loan’s owner and CEO, and both businessmen thought the synergy was perfect. Gold knows “no limits” at the tables as Beverly Loan knows “no limits” in lending; Gold has won millions in Vegas as Beverly Loan has lent millions in Beverly Hills. Gold and Tabach-Bank also have television in common.  Gold has logged over 100 hours of original poker programming across networks worldwide, and appeared on the season 7 finale of Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” and will be featured on The Food Network’s “Chopped” in August. Tabach-Bank recently starred as a buyer of rare and unique high value items on Discovery Channel’s hit series “Final Offer”.?

Gold stated, “I will proudly wear Beverly Loan’s logo on my shirt and hat while playing at the WSOP. I strive to associate myself with class A organizations and Beverly Loan is without question the finest collateral lending institution in the world.”

Known as the “Pawn Shop to the Stars”, since 1938 Beverly Loan has provided loans against high-end luxury items, including Cartier, Patek Philippe and Rolex watches, gold and platinum estate jewelry, diamonds and fine gems. Beverly Loan also specializes in rare Hollywood collectibles, sports memorabilia, and contemporary fine art.  In early 2013 Beverly Loan will open a second location in the International Gem Tower on 47th Street in New York City’s Diamond District.  ?

Tabach-Bank stated, “We’re very excited to sponsor one of the most recognizable faces in poker, who just so happens to be a remarkable philanthropist. Jamie is known for his charitable efforts worldwide, and philanthropy is a quality that Beverly Loan not only admires, but demands of its strategic partners.” ?

Gold added “I look forward to promoting my friend and a business that I have purchased amazing gifts from.  Beverly Loan sells rare and valuable items, including jewelry and watches, at ‘dealer’ prices. It’s the best kept shopping secret.”?

Beverly Loan paid an undisclosed sum for the sponsorship opportunity, but is confident that it will translate into new business. ?

For more information on Jamie Gold please visit www.JamieGold.com ??


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