Stunning Jewelry and Luxury Watches at Beverly Loan Company

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Beverly Loan Company, or “Pawnshop to the Stars”, is primarily known for making pawn loans to those who need it in the Southern California area – and they’ve been doing it for 76 years. But what most people don’t know is that Beverly Loan also has a thriving retail showroom for dealers in the industry and private clients alike. Modern jewelry, antique jewelry, and luxury watches are always displayed in their recently expanded showroom.

“We sell high-end and luxury items to clients at a very low price, usually below wholesale,” said Jordan Tabach-Bank, both CEO and owner of Beverly Loan Company and New York Loan Company. “Because our inventory changes on a daily basis, we’re able to provide unique jewelry and watches at exceptional prices”. In fact, Tabach-Bank mentions that jewelry stores in Beverly Hills routinely purchase for their own inventory and then resell at double or even triple the price.

It’s easy to see why Beverly Loan has a loyal clientele that frequents their showroom to browse for deals and specialty pieces. As any watch collector knows, there is a big difference between a retail price on a Rolex Daytona and a wholesale price. As for the jewelry connoisseur, a Cartier diamond love bracelet in pristine condition at a discounted price is an amazing find.

Regular clients of Beverly Loan Company keep coming back not only for the unmatched customer service and friendly staff, but for the amazing retail experience. If you have a special watch or piece of jewelry you’re looking for, stop in to Beverly Loan Company first.

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