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DAILY CANDY - Regrets, I've Had a Few

DAILY CANDY - Regrets, I've Had a Few
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August 15, 2002

We all make mistakes.

Diamond-horseshoe necklace? Plastic-strap tank tops? Not your finest retail moments. Unfortunately, the higher you climb up the fashion food chain, the more dramatic the missteps, the more costly the spending sprees, and — here’s the clincher — the more difficult it is to undo the binge.

Or so we thought. Turns out, when jet-setters need cash pronto (who knew that G5 was such a gas-guzzler?), they unload unwanted jewels (my, those Tahitian pearls lost their luster quickly!), excess artwork (Manet canvas in a Neutra pad?), and other valuables with the help of one woman.

Jean Zimmelman, owner of Beverly Hills Loan, is discretion personified. Good thing, too: One glance around her highly secure showroom and you know she’s got a secret or two.

Welcome to the pawnshop of the rich and famous. She’s got Rothko. She’s got Rolex. Christofle place settings. Bulgari baubles (oh, the jewels!).

So you happen to find someone else’s mistake irresistible. Don’t worry: Zimmelman just might help you out of that horseshoe.

Beverly Hills Loan, 9440 Santa Monica Boulevard, suite 301, at Beverly Drive (310-275-2555).

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