Sell Your Rolex Watch to Beverly Loan Company

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Beverly Loan Company is a leading buyer of Rolex watches. When you decide to sell your Rolex watch, it is imperative that you conduct business with a reputable company with proven expertise in authenticating and valuing luxury timepieces.

In anticipation for the holiday season, Beverly Loan Company has purchased and loaned against a record number of Rolex watches from clients in the Beverly Hills area. Jordan Tabach-Bank, Beverly Loan Company’s CEO, notes, “Our reputation as the Pawn Shop to the Stars, means that our clientele can rely on us for the sale of their high-end Rolex watches, whether it be a President, Daytona, Submariner, Yacht-Master or Datejust.  

The process of selling your Rolex watch at Beverly Loan Company is fast, painless and always completely confidential. We specialize in high-end and rare time pieces, and no transaction is too large.   

Tabach-Bank explains, “We make loans against and purchase many brands, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Cartier, Panerai, Breguet, Vacerhon, Hublot and the list goes on, but there is no watch brand we see more often than Rolex.”

You can always trust that your transaction will be conducted with the utmost attention to personal privacy when you sell your Rolex to us. Our experts will appraise your item within minutes. The appraisal amount is based on today’s current market and the condition of your Rolex watch. We examine every aspect of your timepiece, from band to bezel, sub-dial to serial number.   If the watch has a meteorite dial or a diamond bezel that does not go unnoticed and we compensate accordingly.  

We make offers on Rolex watches in all conditions. Do not be concerned if your Rolex watch isn’t functioning properly, as we have a team of professionals in place who know how to repair it so you can get the best price for your watch.

As always, remember to bring the original box and any relevant documentation along with your government-issued photo identification when you sell or loan against your Rolex watch. These items will add to the value of your already extraordinary timepiece.

Beverly Loan Company’s unique location in private offices on the third floor of the Bank of America Building in Beverly Hills is meant to protect the anonymity of our clientele. We never voluntarily disclose any information about our clients or their transactions. Beverly Loan Company is located on the corner of “Little” Santa Monica Boulevard and Beverly Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills.  And Beverly Loan Company will soon be opening its east coast counterpart, New York Loan Company, in New York City’s Diamond District, which will also have vast expertise in all types of luxury watches, particularly Rolexes.  

“If you are serious about selling your Rolex,” Tabach-Bank notes, “make an appointment with us today to discuss your options.”

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