How to Store Your Art

How to Store Your Art
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Beverly Loan Company purchases and makes loans on contemporary art of all kinds, and prides themselves on the ability to work with a variety of medium, ranging from canvas to sculpture.  Beverly Loan Company takes every precaution to store valuable art prints and paintings so they’ll be in the same condition as when they were brought it in; and on some occasions will store artworks in a secure climate controlled off-site location to ensure their well-being.  While Beverly Loan appreciates all styles of art, they most commonly see modern and contemporary art in the forms of photographs, lithographs, serigraphs, and even sculptures.

Most of the art that is purchased or loaned against arrive already framed, however when clients ask how to store their art, Beverly Loan is happy to provide their customers with the basics of storing artwork. Dealing with art valued at thousands to millions dollars, the Pawn Shop to the Stars has a strong understanding of how to correctly handle and store these items. When your art is not in our temperature controlled, secure vaults and you want to store your artwork at home, it is important to know these basic rules.

Its best that you keep your prints and photographs in a dark location, as UV rays from natural and artificial light can damage the art. It’s also best to keep prints in a location that will not get too humid, or too dry. Basement and attics usually have extreme temperatures, it’s best to keep them in a part of the house that receives heat in the winter and air-conditioning in the summer.

A Mylar sleeve is the option that many museums and libraries use to store their prints, it’s also the easiest and most cost effective choice for storing your prized artwork. It’s important to store lithographs flat, preferably horizontal, and on an acid free backing board. If you think you’ll be handling your art on a regular basis, it’s not a bad idea to get white cotton gloves. Photographs in particular, can react strongly to the acids and salts found naturally on our hands.

While it’s always best to have professionals manage and store your art, these few tips will help if that is not an option for you. And of course, Beverly Loan is always available when you need a loan against you’re high-end modern and contemporary art, especially from household named artists, such as Ruscha, Picasso, Hirst, Warhol or Lichtenstein. When inquiring to Beverly Loan Company about your extraordinary art, it’s best to provide them with photographs of your pieces, along with any provenance or documentation.

Beverly Loan Company’s unique location in private offices on the third floor of the Bank of America Building in Beverly Hills is meant to provide their clients with security and confidentiality. Beverly Loan never voluntarily discloses any information about their clientele or their transactions. Beverly Loan Company is located on the corner of “Little” Santa Monica Boulevard and Beverly Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills.

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