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Why You Will Not Find Imitation Diamonds at Beverly Loan Company
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Most consumers think that a diamond is a diamond – with no thoughts of diamond treatments, synthetics, or even imitations. In the diamond trade, it’s incredibly important to know exactly what to look for, as to not get duped into purchasing something that is not what is represented. “For a pawnshop, it’s very important to […]

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Beverly Loan Company is a leading buyer of Rolex watches. When you decide to sell your Rolex watch, it is imperative that you conduct business with a reputable company with proven expertise in authenticating and valuing luxury timepieces. In anticipation for the holiday season, Beverly Loan Company has purchased and loaned against a record number […]

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Jordan delivered a one-hour talk to the industry’s leading pawnbrokers on the secrets to Beverly Loan’s success.

The jingle of jewelry at a Beverly Hills pawnshop
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The chief executive of Beverly Loan Co. says more affluent people than ever need cash this holiday season, although most customers he gives loans to reclaim their expensive jewelry and other items.

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The premier collateral pawn shop lender in Beverly Hills’ prestigious 90210 zip code, Beverly Loan Company reports that high end collateral loans for contemporary art such as Warhol, Hockney, and Chagall as well as celebrity memorabilia are at unprecedented levels.