Watches Worn by United States Presidents

Watches Worn by United States Presidents
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The public does not widely look to the United States president to dictate fashion trends, and the man in the oval office does not typically promote a sartorial opinion or flaunt the latest piece in their wardrobe. However, since the rise of media scrutiny and emphasis on presentation and appearance, it has become hard not to notice what our leader is wearing. Many of the country’s earliest presidents carried pocket watches, but as photography and film evolved, clothing and accessory choices became an important part in portraying an image to the masses. A selection of the timepieces carried or worn by presidents over the years are detailed below.

George Washington (1st President)
President Washington carried a pocket watch made by an unknown Swiss maker, a Jean-Antoine Lépine pocket watch, and a James McCabe pocket watch. Watches were previously purely functional, and less a means of style.

Dwight D. Eisenhower (34th President)
During his tenure as NATO Commander in Chief of Europe, Rolex gifted General Eisenhower with the 150,000th officially certified Rolex watch. The gold Day-Date featured a special engraving: “5 stars” (for his position) and “DDE – 12-19-1950.” His LIFE cover would eventually lead the Rolex Day-Date to it’s “President” moniker – even though he only wore the Datejust model.

John F. Kennedy (35th President)
John F. Kennedy was well-known for his youth, charisma and keen style, and had an extensive collection of watches. The two watches he wore most often were a Cartier Tank gifted to him by wife Jacqueline for their fourth anniversary and a square-shaped OMEGA he received from a friend during his Presidential campaign. Another intriguing watch he owned was an 18k yellow gold Rolex Day-Date, a rumored gift from Marilyn Monroe.

Bill Clinton (42nd President)
Bill Clinton’s candidacy and presidency saw a movement in the types of watches Presidents sported publicly. A far cry from the Rolexes and other high-end Swiss brands of his predecessors, his $50 Timex Ironman was an attempt to depict his relatability to the everyday man. Ever the watch lover, however, Clinton took great freedom in collecting expensive timepieces. He’s worn styles by Panerai, Frank Muller, Roger Dubois, Cartier and others.

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Watches Worn by United States Presidents
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Watches Worn by United States Presidents
In this article you can learn about the selection of the timepieces carried or worn by presidents over the years in the United States of America.
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