This Week on Final Offer: Jordan Buys Gorgeous Sapphire, Gets Last & Best Deal of Season

This Week on Final Offer: Jordan Buys Gorgeous Sapphire, Gets Last & Best Deal of Season
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There were some ups and downs on this week’s show, the final one of the season.

A man brought in a Superman costume allegedly worn by George Reeves in the original 1950’s television show The Adventures of Superman. He had recently bought it at an auction for $1,700 and aggressively insisted that it was now worth $250,000. During negotiations, Jordan pointed out that when it was sold at auction, it was listed as being “in the style of the costume worn by George Reeves” and that its provenance was questionable at best.  All of the dealers echoed that concern as well as their distaste for the seller’s over-the-top approach and each of them turned him down flat.

The dealers were all interested in a collection of antique liquor, and agreed to open one of the old bottles of whiskey if one of them was able to make a deal. Jordan was the most seasoned dealer of antique liquor in the bunch, and the seller recognized that. In the negotiating room, the two came close to making a deal. The man was stuck at $5,000, and Jordan was unwilling to go any higher than $4,500. The man ended up walking out of Jordan’s room. “Unless he lowers his expectations, no one is having a drink tonight,” Jordan said. The man did lower his expectations, selling the collection for $4,500-the exact price Jordan offered-to the next dealer. The dealer let Jordan crack the seal on the Old Crow whiskey bottle before they shared a drink, acknowledging his help in lowering the seller’s unrealistic expectations.

Next, a seller brought in a collection of handwritten letters from the Franco-Prussian War that were delivered via hot air balloons to help French soldiers communicate with their wives and children. The seller was seeking $12,000, and Jordan told him he might have better luck getting that price overseas, where people were more familiar with the history of the letters. He pointed out that buyers in the U.S. would need a history lesson before understanding the significance of the letters.  The seller sold them for $8,500 to another dealer who indicated that he probably overpaid in order to get the deal.

Finally, someone brought in the most impressive item of the season – a large, untreated Kashmir sapphire ring. Kashmir sapphires originate in the Himalayas and are the most famous, rare, and valuable sapphires in the world. Even better, the seller’s 8.88 carat sapphire was an incredible brilliant blue. She also had airtight documentation, including a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America. Jordan strongly insisted that she come see him first, and it worked.  He was able to get her asking price down to $200,000 and they made the deal. Both parties were initially very happy with the result.  Jordan said she was tough at the dealing table, and she called him a “good negotiator.” To Jordan’s delight, after they disclosed the sale to the other dealers, one of them bitterly said that he had been prepared to pay up to $320,000 for the ring.  Given this, it’s probably safe to say that Jordan got the both the best deal and the best item on the show so far.  It was a great way to end the season.

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