This Week on Final Offer: Jordan Nails First Deal of Show

This Week on Final Offer: Jordan Nails First Deal of Show
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Jordan made his debut on the new Discovery Channel show “Final Offer” last night. He got the first deal of the show – convincing Billy Mason and his wife Kelly to part with three NASCAR racecar hoods for $4,250. The hoods had been signed by drivers and were personalized to Billy. Kelly didn’t want to part with them, but Jordan called her out. “Don’t tell me you don’t want to sell,” he said, saying they wouldn’t have driven across the country with three hoods strapped to their roof otherwise!

The deal worked out well for both parties. The Masons said they will use the money to start a pizzeria, and Jordan said he was certain to find a seller and make a profit. Jordan recently sold one of the largest privately held collections of NASCAR uniforms for more than $100K, so he is familiar with the market.

Jordan was no nonsense on the show, and sellers seemed to like that. The other dealers seemed to like him too because he asked good questions and told jokes. “Is this approved by the AMA?” he asked a seller about a sinister looking 250 year old neurosurgery kit.

The brain surgery kit’s seller walked away without taking any of the offers. During negotiations with Jordan, Jordan acted honestly and professionally by admitting he did not know a lot the medical industry. The dealers agreed that the kit was a niche item that would likely appeal only to a small group of medical professionals and collectors.

At the end of the show, a mother and son walked away with almost a quarter million for a jewel-encrusted gold sword handle from Bali. Jordan called it a “once in a blue moon piece.” The woman’s late husband had accepted the handle as collateral on a real estate loan and the borrower had defaulted on the loan. During the first round of negotiations, the mother and son started asking for $500,000, but then went down to $300,000. The dealer was able to negotiate a final price of $239,000, which they grudgingly accepted. Jordan said he could have argued them down further, bringing them closer to $185,000.  Judging by his performance on the rest of the show, he very well may have.

Next Thursday, the show features a lock of Elvis’ hair and a guitar inscribed by Kurt Cobain.

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