What is a Tiffany Lucida diamond?

What is a Tiffany Lucida diamond?
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Like many of the finest jewelers, Tiffany & Co. is famous for providing unique and beautiful jewels to its many customers around the world. Lucida cut diamond was first introduced in 1999 and named for the brightest star in a constellation. It has been a favorite for over twenty years and is exclusive to Tiffany & Co.

Lucida is a 50-facet, mixed cut diamond that features long rectangular step facets on its crown (top) and radiating triangular brilliant facets on the pavilion (bottom). This creates a spectacular combination of sparkle and shine: step cut facets give a mirror-like reflection that contrasts with the pop of the brilliance. The outline of the Lucida cut is square with cut-corners, a classic and classy shape that reminds one of Art Deco splendor.

Tiffany & Co. is known for choosing diamonds that appear incredibly white (colorless), are free of flaws, and are precisely cut. Whether large or small, diamonds from Tiffany & Co. are of the highest quality with a crisp icy shine that catches the eye.

What is a Tiffany Lucida jewelry setting?

Tiffany & Co. introduced their original Lucida diamond in a trellis-style solitaire ring. The sides of the setting are decorated with woven prongs that appear to embrace the diamond. This design has been imitated, but the craftsmanship of the original cannot be matched.

Whether created in 18kt gold or platinum, the original woven settings feature Lucida diamonds as drop earrings, stud earrings, or a graceful eternity band with diamonds wrapping all the way around the finger. Even sleek bezel settings are a wonderful complement to this special diamond shape. The bezel setting does not use prongs to hold a gemstone and instead frames it in precious metal for a trim appearance.

Where can I buy a Lucida diamond?

Tiffany & Co. discontinued the Lucida cut in recent years and no longer sells jewelry made with that style of cut. However, they did replace Lucida with Tiffany True, a diamond with a very similar mixed-cut design! Original Tiffany & Co. jewelry set with Lucida-cut diamonds is available for sale on the secondary market and is still sought by shoppers.

Estate jewelers, high-end pawnbrokers, and auction houses are all excellent sources for fine, brand-name jewelry in retired styles. Whether new or not, Lucida diamond jewelry is timeless and elegant.

What other diamond cuts are similar to Lucida?

Fans of Tiffany’s original Lucida and the new Tiffany True diamonds will also like asscher cut and emerald cut diamonds, which have the same Jazz-Age, Great Gatsby appeal. These diamonds are beautiful in engagement rings, solitaire rings, or wedding bands and feature the same cut-cornered outline as the original cuts from Tiffany & Co.

For those seeking a softer look, the cushion cut is another excellent choice. With triangular facets on both its crown and pavilion, this diamond cut is very brilliant, with tons of sparkle. The slightly curved outline of the cushion is a bit different from the strictly straight form of Lucida. However, these diamond shapes have similar proportions and romantic presence in a gorgeous engagement ring.

Where can I sell my Lucida diamond?

Original Tiffany & Co. jewelry is well-made and the diamonds used in their designs are excellent quality. If you have Lucida diamond jewelry or any other signed jewelry you wish to sell or offer for a collateral loan, contact Beverly Loan Company, a family business since 1938. Our team of jewelry experts are happy to assess your items for a loan or purchase in our private offices in the heart of Beverly Hills. Call 310-275-2555 to speak with a loan officer or submit an inquiry online today!

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The Lucida cut diamond was first introduced in 1999 and named for the brightest star in a constellation. It has been a favorite for over twenty years and is exclusive to Tiffany & Co. Read all about it here.
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