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Category: Beverly Loan Company

Category : Beverly Loan Company

This Week on Final Offer: Jordan Nails First Deal of Show
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Jordan made his debut on the new Discovery Channel show “Final Offer” last night. He got the first deal of the show – convincing Billy Mason and his wife Kelly to part with three NASCAR racecar hoods for $4,250.

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p>Sellers go head to head with 4 shrewd dealers to sell their treasures for the best price. But there’s a catch: pass on an offer and they can’t go back. Tonight: a king’s solid gold swordhandle, NASCAR hoods, Babe’s baseball and more.

Final Offer on Disovery Channel

Buying and selling may seem like simple tasks, but when it comes to valuable antiques and rare collectibles, the stakes are higher than ever. In Discovery’s new series hosted by Michael Kalish, FINAL OFFER, Jacob Chait, Patrick Painter, Billy Roland and Jordan Tabach-Bank, four of the country’s smartest , shrewdest and most successful dealers will […]


Pawn Shop To the Stars owner featured in high stakes bidding television series FINAL OFFER

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When it comes to securing a pawn loan on high-end or luxury items, savvy consumers provide more information about their collateral than one might think.

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The premier collateral lender in Beverly Hills’ prestigious 90210 zip code, Beverly Loan Company launches a new website.

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As the premier pawnbroker in California’s prestigious 90210 zip code, Beverly Loan Company has been catering to the business needs of celebrities, influential executives, socialites and other Hollywood power players since 1938. The flourishing family-owned business is situated in the heart of Beverly Hills on the third floor of the Bank of American Building and […]