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Category: Handbags

Category : Handbags

Do Pawnshops Buy Purses?
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Hermes. Chanel. Louis Vuitton. Shoppers salivate at the mere thought of these luxury handbags. People spend thousands and thousands of dollars just to own these status symbols, and even invest more in upscale bags than they do in real estate or the stock market. But when the need for cash becomes too great, where does […]

The Secret Stamp Only Hermes Connoisseurs Know
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Beyond the bevy of buttery and exotic leather options, the rainbow spectrum of color choices and the impeccable Hermès craftsmanship behind every Birkin bag lies a secret language. If you aren’t already familiar, Hermès employs a hush-hush mode of communication to mark the bags specifically designed for top collectors and VIP clientele. Birkin Beginnings Legendary […]

Birkin Bags: The World’s Most Expensive & Exclusive
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Since the creation of the Birkin Bag in 1984 it has become a status symbol and coveted possession to the lucky owners who’ve managed to purchase one. The famous Hermès bag is constantly seen on the streets of Beverly Hills where Beverly Loan Company, coined Pawnshop to the Stars, has been located for over 78 […]

Company Spotlight: LVMH
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Just like Beverly Loan Company stands out as the paramount luxury collateral lender, LVMH stands out as the most successful luxury retail conglomerate in the world.  Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessey, or LVMH, is a luxury goods corporation that has about 60 sub companies; all of which are high-end retail brands. It was created due to […]

Beverly Loan Now Accepts Birkin Bags as Collateral
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Beverly Loan Company is proud to make collateral loans against rare high-end handbags. While the world of luxury bags has been around for decades, the demand for valuable, quality handbags has reached an all-time high. Beverly Loan recognizes that handbags are not just purchased as a fashion accessory anymore, but as an investment piece, which […]