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Cactus de Cartier
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Prickly? Dry? Not at all! Cartier takes the cactus to a spectacular and fantastical level with its new Cactus de Cartier collection. Throughout its history, the high jewelry house has used flowers in daring, colorful and original ways to inspire its creations. Drawing on the variety of shapes and colors in the flora and fauna […]

Artemis and Apollo:  The Most Expensive Earrings Ever
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Most women wear diamond studs that cost between $500 and $50,000. Although it seems like the latter is a costly price to pay for jewelry you would wear daily, can you imagine wearing $70 million worth of diamonds in your ears even just for one night? Within weeks of selling the Pink Star diamond, the […]

Jewelry Spotlight: Mikimoto
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Pearl strand necklaces in the 1950’s, long art deco lariats in the 1920s, and royalty in elaborate pearl parure’s; None of these jewelry trends would have been possible without Mikimoto Kokichi, who created the first cultured pearl and launched the pearl jewelry industry. The name Mikimoto is synonymous with high-end, quality pearls that are regularly […]

Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany & Co.
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In the world of jewelry design there are few people who are as admired or their jewels so coveted as Jean Schlumberger. Even those who have never heard the name Schlumberger would recognize his signature style on his Tiffany & Co. collection. The loan officers at Beverly Loan Company, known as ‘Pawnshop to the Stars’, […]

Fashion Trends: Choker Necklaces
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Choker necklaces are a trend that cuts across many cultures and class lines. Centuries before chokers were donned by the celebrities and fashionistas of today, women in ancient civilizations wore them to protect the neck, a very important and vulnerable part of the body. Women from the Sumer Empire in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, for […]

Van Cleef & Arpels - The Mystery Setting
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The history of the mystery setting is just a tad longer than the history of Beverly Loan Company; While Beverly Loan was the first luxury pawn shop, Van Cleef & Arpels was the first to patent and implement the mystery setting. Mystery settings, or invisible settings, offers the viewer an unobstructed view of the gemstones. […]

Blue Diamonds - What You Should Know
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With popularity on the rise for fancy colored diamonds, Beverly Loan Company has seen a large increase in stunning blue diamonds coming in for a collateral loan. Many of their clients have shown a rising interest in collecting, selling or obtaining a short-term collateral loan against blue diamonds. Below you will find a quick guide […]

Van Cleef and Arpels’ Iconic Motif  – The Alhambra
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The four leaf clover shape is a symbol representing luck, fortune, and health – and is the signature shape for luxury jewelry house Van Cleef & Arpels. Inspired by the Quatrefoil, a medieval era architectural element, the motif was introduced in 1968 and the collection was named The Alhambra. Luxury California pawnshop, Beverly Loan Company, […]

Jewelry History – Bracelets and Bangles
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Bracelets and bangles have been popular as long as humans have been decorating themselves. Beverly Loan Company, a pawnshop in the heart of famous Beverly Hills, offers collateral loans on luxury jewelry including many variations of the bracelet. The family run company consistently works with items like Cartier love bracelets, diamond tennis bracelet’s and vintage […]

Holiday Gifts at Beverly Loan
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With the holiday season underway, you may want to consider beginning your search for holiday gifts at Beverly Loan Company. While BLC is primarily known as a collateral lender and purchaser of fine jewelry, diamonds and watches, they also sell to the public at large at heavily discounted prices. Located on Little Santa Monica Blvd. […]