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Category : Pawn Loan

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When Beverly Loan Company was founded in 1938, it was the only pawn shop in Beverly Hills.   Today there are over 20 pawn operations in this city of less than 6 square miles. With so many options, how does a potential borrower know which pawn shop they can rely upon? Below are questions one might […]

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Beverly Loan Company, recognized as the most upscale pawnshop in the United States, prides itself on their strict security and customer confidentiality. Walking through the doors, you’ll immediately notice the armed security guard behind bullet proof glass. There are also private offices in the impressive renovated space, located in the Bank of American Building in […]

A Short History of the Pawnbroker
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p>The public’s fascination with the pawn business has grown significantly in the past few years, in part due to the success of such shows as “Pawn Stars”, “Hardcore Pawn” and “Final Offer”, and in part due to the dwindling stigma that pawn shops only cater to the poor and desperate. While collateral lenders may be […]

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End-of-year and holiday expenses can provide challenges for small and medium sized businesses. From year-end bonuses to holiday employee parties and client gift-giving, this time of year can strain the budgets of the most fiscally responsible companies. Collateral loans can be a viable solution, and many turn to collateral lenders in the absence of traditional […]

Adding Some Guesswork to Memorabilia Sales, Just for Televised Fun
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‘Final Offer’ on Discovery Looks at Memorabilia Sales

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When it comes to securing a pawn loan on high-end or luxury items, savvy consumers provide more information about their collateral than one might think.