Gold & Platinum Metals

Pawn Loans Against Gold and Platinum Metals


Beverly Loan Company both purchases and provides pawn loans against precious metals, specifically gold and platinum. Not only do we buy, sell and loan against gold and platinum jewelry, but we also deal in gold and platinum bullion and coins.


Beverly Loan Company uses metal testing equipment and acids to determine if the jewelry is plated or not, in addition to the karatage of gold when necessary. “We test every piece of collateral that walks through our doors, whether the item is an Everose Rolex or vintage diamond Cartier necklace,” confirms Jordan Tabach-Bank, CEO and owner of Beverly Loan Company. “It is important to determine both the type and total weight of the metal in each piece of jewelry prior to making a purchase or a pawn loan.” We pay a premium for signed goods, gemstones, and take into account aesthetic value, numismatic value and overall salability when determining the value of your item.


The loan officers at Beverly Loan Company remain aware of current market trends and fluctuations in the prices of precious metals and evaluate and weigh every piece in front of the client. Offers to purchase and loan reflect the current spot price of the particular metal. While we generally do not loan against or purchase silver jewelry, we will loan against and purchase signed sterling silver flatware and tableware.


With a trained numismatist on staff, Beverly Loan Company has the unique ability to both purchase and loan against even the rarest of coins. Our loan officers are prepared to purchase or lend against everything from Flying Eagles to Double Eagles, and from Trade Dollars to Morgan Dollars, as well as bullion ranging from Pandas to Krugerrands to Maple Leaf’s. Please be sure to bring all documentation, including certification from the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), if available, as it can contribute to the amount of our offer.

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